Brownie Bottomed Cheesecake

By Staximo - settembre 06, 2005

I've already posted this recipe on my website in Italian. Now I translate it into English to answer to a request I've found on eGullet.

This recipe isn't mine, I've found it on CucinaInSimpatia forum, but it has become a classic in my kitchen: my friends are in love with this cake!

Brownie Bottomed Cheesecake

250g Philadephia cheese or similar
250g dark chocolate
210g white sugar
120g all purpose flour
180g butter
3 eggs
2 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp salt

Mix the cheese, 50g of sugar and 1tsp of vanilla for 2 minutes with electric mixer. Add 1 egg and mix well. Put in the fridge until the cocoa batter is ready.
Melt chocolate and butter in the microwave or on hot (not boiling) water and let it cool until warm then add all the left sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla, salt and mix with electric mixer for 2 minutes. Add 2 eggs and 2 yolks one at a time, mixing well in between each addition. Sift the flour and gradually add to egg mixture mixing gently with a wooden spoon.
Grease a 30x20 pan and sprinkle with flour or use parchment paper. Spread the batter (except 1 tablespoon) in the pan, put more batter on the side like a "pie crust". Inside the "brownie crust" spread the cheese mixture. Put the tablespoon of cocoa batter on the cheese mixture to obtain "leopard spot".
Bake at 180°C for 35-40 min, use a toothpick to test if the brownie layer is well cooked: the toothpick has to be dry.
Let the cheesecake cool in the pan and after cut it in squares.

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