SHF #11: Delizie al Caffé - English Version

By Staximo - agosto 11, 2005


(Link: Italian version)

I must say that I'm very "young" as food blogger but I found Blog Events (DMGiLG, SHF, IMBB...) very intersting and also useful. They are useful because I must think. Cook everyday dish or try a recipe found on a magazine and write about it could be easy for me because it's like copying. Try to be original is difficult but is a great opportunity.
For this month’s Sugar High Fridays event, hosted by Ronald of I Love Sicily, I was inspired by Delizie al Limone (translation is: Lemon Delights) a sweet very common in Naples. So I attempt to made Delizie al Caffè (Coffee Delights) and I tried to use all of the different "forms" of cofee: beans, powder and liquid form. For the liquid form I have used a commercial coffee liqueur and my 10 years old Moka pot, I don't like the home espresso machines.
After tasting I could say that Delizie could be a dessert for winter dinner due to the intense coffee flavor.

Delizie al Caffè

“Pan di Spagna” Domes

150g Flour
150g Sugar
4 Eggs at room temperature
1 Vanillina Envelope or 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

Beat the eggs and sugar to a foam: whip them on low to high speed until a thick foam forms. It will take from 10 ti 12 minutes.Gently fold in the shifted flour, 4 Tsp at a time, using a wood spoon.
Scale off the batter into Semi-Sphere pans (10 cm. Diameter) and cook 10-20 minutes at 180°C in pre hated convection oven.

Coffee Meringue

2 Egg Whites
1/2 cup (100g) Sugar
2 tsp Coffee powder

Mix the sugar with the coffee powder. Beat the egg whites until frothy and then start to add the sugar, while wipping, in gradual stream. Wip the meringue to soft. Put the meringue un a piping bag with a small tube.
On a baking paper draw some circles: one for each Deliza dome and the diameter equal to the domes. With the meringue make spirals inside each circle.
Bake at 80°C until the meringue spirals become hard and, if beated, sound empty.

Coffee Pastry Cream

2 1/2 cup (625ml) Milk
1/3 (50g) cup Flour
1/2 cup + 1 Tsp (120g) Sugar
4 Egg Yolks
3 Tsp (20g) Coffee Beans
1 Vanilla Bean

In a pot stir the milk, the coffee beans and the vanilla bean cut in 3 or 4 chunks.Heat the mixture and let it boil and reduce to 500ml (2 cups). Filter and rest for 10 minutes.
In a casserole blend the sugar, flour and egg yolks. Whisking constantly, pour the hot milk. Return to heat and boil the misture for 2 or 3 minutes. Let it cool, stirring sometimes.


To arrange the “Delizie”

1/4 cup Coffee
1/4 cup Coffee Liqueur
1 cup (250 ml) Heavy Cream
1 Tsp Confectioner's sugar

Cut the bottom and remove the inner part of each pan di spagna dome to obtain a “bowl” of pan di spagna.
Stir equal parts of coffee and liqueur and, using a brush, bathe the inside of the domes. Whip cream and add the sugar.


Dilute the pastry cream with some spoon of liqueur and stir in delicately the wipped cream: the compound will have to be enough hard and not to strain. Fill up the cavities of the domes and close the bottom with a coffe spiral meringue.
Arrange the filled domes on a serving plate. Bathe with the coffee-liqueur mix also the outside of the Pan di Spagna domes.
Join the remaining filling with other pastry cream and dilute it with the liqueur. Then add the wipped cream delicately. The resulting coffee cream will have to be fluid but not liquid. Put a little of coffee cream on the top of the cupolas and let it strains down the side until it cover the whole surface. Put a coffee bean on the top of each “Delizia”. Let them rest in refrigerator at least 2 hours before serving them.


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  1. ooh, how yummy! thanks so much for providing us an English version as well.

  2. Everything looks wonderfully delicious. Thanks for sharing in English

  3. Oh wow! Look at those yummy mounds ... mmmmm!

  4. They look great and yummy. I like the little coffee bean on top of the mound.

  5. Hi Staximo - I could eat this in summer too :) It looks and sounds delicious, I can't wait to try it out. I love the name 'Delizie al Caffè'...